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How to feel great for that important date

You may have an interview that you need to shine at

You may be meeting your in-laws for the first time

You may well be going for a romantic dinner with the man/woman of your dreams

Whatever the occasion, you will want to feel great before you get there. But how much does it cost to feel great?

A month’s worth of sunbeds to maintain your healthy glow £40

Haircut in the new boutique salon in town £50

New pair of designer jeans that your bum looks great in £100

This is a lot of money to spend that could be money wasted if you don’t get the job, don’t like the in-laws or can’t tolerate your dinner date. So, why don’t you invest in something that will make you feel amazing without blowing the bank?

The perfect solution is…massage, Sports Massage to be exact!! Visit to book in and spend less money to feel amazing!

You don’t have to be sporty to benefit from Sports Massage; in fact, you may never have participated in sport in your life but after an hour of Sports Massage treatment, I can guarantee you will feel amazing.

Sports Massage can relieve stress and tension to help you feel more relaxed and improve your posture. Sports Massage stimulates the release of endorphins, neurotransmitters in the brain that reduce pain and induce euphoria. Sports Massage also improves your circulation, flushing your body of toxins and filling it with nutrients.

So, be stress-free for your interview, feel positively euphoric when meeting the in-laws and turn up on your date with a look of healthy radiance.


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Gardeners – make your life easier with a simple solution to resolve aches and strains

You squat to pick up debris, bend to pluck up weeds, lift heavy bags of compost, shovel soil around the garden and kneel over tiny bedding plants – what a fabulous workout!! This is why you should try Sports Massage now.

Let’s face it, after a winter of strenuous gardening you’ve had a long season of hard training and will be aching.

You may be suffering with back, neck and shoulder pain from all that bending and lifting; your hands, forearms and legs may feel sore and stiff after endless kneeling and planting.

Massage has been proven to relieve soreness, stiffness and pain and is guaranteed to keep your muscles loose and less likely to strain.

Massage increases blood circulation & boosts nutrients at areas of pain as well as stimulating the production of endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. It relieves the build up of tension and helps your tired & exhausted bodies feel re-energised. With loose muscles, range of movement improves and posture is enhanced.

Sports Massage ensures a fast recovery for aching muscles, enabling you to feel revitalised, ache-free and ready to work again.

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Wii Tennis Injury

Is it possible to get injured whilst playing on the Wii? It was a great winning backhand though!!

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Don’t let an ache or strain prevent you to train

The use of Sports Massage can ensure your muscles recover quickly from exercise enabling you to feel fresh enough to face your exercise routine again.

With fitness being a big part of everyone’s New Year’s resolution, the gyms are full and the WiiFit’s are already reaching burn-out. About a third of New Year resolutions involve getting fit, losing weight and getting in shape and with this in mind, many people will begin a programme of exercise this month.

However, many people fail to continue with their New Year workouts past February; they expect to see quick results and when they don’t they tend to give up. Staying healthy, losing weight and getting fit is a marathon not a sprint and takes time. Once you feel your body becoming fitter and looking leaner, this will give you the motivation to continue and so this positive cycle continues.

With all this activity, you may feel pain, discomfort and soreness in your muscles, especially if your body is not used to so much activity so quickly. Don’t let these aches stop you from training; use Sports Massage to alleviate tension and the feeling of stiffness.

When a muscle is tired and has been overworked, it becomes tight and adhesions can form (bands of painful, rigid tissue) which block circulation, cause pain and limit movement. The flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle is reduced, leading to a build up of toxins in the muscle. Sports Massage “unsticks” and loosens the adhesion, improves the circulation within the muscle, pushing toxins out and allowing fresh oxygen and nutrients in.

Sports Massage helps you recover quicker from your workout and relieves the tension that may cause injury.

Your dream of a leaner, fitter body can come true. Use Sports Massage as a way to relieve aching muscles and ensure you train hard next time.

Visit for further information.

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Hello world!

This is me…brand new to the blogging world wanting to talk about all things Sports Massage.

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